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This page is under construction yet. we will add full details about our services in IP Litigation matters soon.

TF IP Consultancy & Services Team helps clients protect their Intellectual Property Rights by prosecuting and defending claims of infringement or violation of Trademarks, Patents, Designs, Copyrights and Related Rights.

Our team of attorneys has a very good experience in litigation matters in general and especially that relating to IP. Our lawyers are driven by their experience and rich knowledge in dealing with cases, law-suits and court actions before all levels of Syrian courts in different fields of law i.e., civil, commercial and criminal fields.

Related Services

    • Legal Advices in all IP matters.
    • Preparation of objections and appeals.
    • Appealing IP Offices’s final decisions before the relative courts.
    • Dealing with all different legal actions for all IP aspects.
    • Handling Infringment issues before the IP office and the courts.
    • Studying and analyzing of IP right validation.
    • Filing Cancellation actions against registered trademarks based on Non-use and before the Well-Known TM Committee.

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