Domain Names

Domain Names

..:: General Information & Requirements ::..

1 :: General Information

The National Agency for Network Services (NANS) is the governmental body that is responsible for the registration and management of the Country Code Domain Names in its all levels in Syria.

Facts Points:

    • The Domain Name can be registered by companies or individuals.
    • The registration will be granted for the applicant with the prior filing date.
    • It is not possible to register a Domain Name that reflects an inappropriate meaning (in any language) or conflicts with the religions, customs, laws and regulations recognized in Syria.
    • Time Frame for registration of a Domain Name in Syria is 3 – 5 Working Days.
    • The Registration Term for a Domain Name is: 1 Year from the Filing Date.

2 :: Required Documents

  1. Power Of Attorney. Legalized from the Syrian Embassy.
  2. Certified Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation or Commercial Registry or Business License for the Applicant.
  3. DNS information (Primary and Secondary DNS Host and IP Address).

2 :: Types of Domain Names

(ccTLD) :: Country Code Top Level Domain


(IDN ccTLD) :: Internationalized Country Code Top Level Domain

.syria | .سورية

(ccSLD) :: Country Code Second Level Domain | | | | | |

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